Don’t Let Murphy’s Law Manage Your Cinema
26 January, 2023 by
Don’t Let Murphy’s Law Manage Your Cinema
Charlie Leib

Doesn’t it always seem that if something can go wrong at the worst time, it will? Well, it happens so frequently that there’s a name for it: Murphy’s Law.

How can you avoid this costly annoyance in most instances? If you take the necessary precautions beforehand to head Murphy off at the pass, the chances of your operation running smoothly nearly all of the time increases substantially.

That’s what we at CES+ believe and that’s exactly what we can do for you…pre-planning and in-person attention in order to provide the best solutions for your theatres and to prevent issues before they even start.

For more than 35 years, CES+ has been a family owned and operated business designing intelligent, tailor-made solutions for exhibitors...and that includes not only equipment, but also having our remote and in-person technicians available when a personal touch is required.

CES+ is based in Florida but has an extensive network of technicians for onsite visits as well as a remote support team covering both the USA and Latin America so if an issue arises that requires immediate face-to-face  attention, CES+ has you covered.

To that end, CES+ is proud to have been recognized as the Boxoffice Barometer 2021 Cinema Equipment Supplier of the Year.

CES+ offers:

  • Project management
  • Pre-configuration and installation services
  • Cinema monitoring software (CIELO)
  • Remote and on-site help
  • And more!

For consulting, services, and equipment call 305.232.8182 or email us

Don’t Let Murphy’s Law Manage Your Cinema
Charlie Leib 26 January, 2023
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