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26 January, 2023 by

INORCA SEATING, a company with more than 65 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Institutional Furniture for Cinemas, Auditoriums and Contract seating, with world-class standards and quality. We have three manufacturing plants strategically located in Colombia to serve the national and international market.

We have managed to position ourselves as a preferential supplier and we are present in 25 countries on 4 continents.

Through allies such as CES+ we generate integral solutions for the exhibition industry with innovative furniture and the best cost-benefit ratio, very necessary in this post-pandemic era to raise the standard of the theatres and managing to attract the user and improve their experience with the magic of cinema.

We present to you one of our most recent developments: Recliners On Risers (ROR), an innovative (patented) design created to access the new trends of sofas for cinema, and offers benefits such as
- Conversion with minimal construction cost and downtime.
- Minimizes construction mess.
- Significantly reduces installation costs of VIP sofas.
- Improves the return on your investment.

Moving from standard seats to VIP sofas has never been easier. The best option to upgrade your movie theater.

We have differentiated options to obtain a good adaptation to different types of spaces, with the perfect combination of ergonomics, efficiency, appearance, and cost.

For more information on our extensive portfolio, visit us at:

Página web:

Instagram: @inorcaseating

Youtube: @inorcaseating3771 

To know more about Inorca's products please contact CES+, call 305.232.8182 or email

26 January, 2023
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