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28 September, 2022 by
Adam Cassels

Cinionic is laser-focused on cinema and proudly offers a laser solution for every screen. Since laser's market debut in 2014, Laser Projection by Cinionic has set a new standard for cinema projection. Cinionic leads the market with more than 30,000 cinema laser solutions deployed and thousands of all laser multiplexes worldwide. The momentum with laser is thanks to Cinionic and Barco’s rich heritage in cinema and more than 100,000 projectors.


It’s no surprise that the world’s largest theater chains choose laser from Cinionic to deliver a wow experience for audiences and to reduce operational complexity. When talking about the numerous benefits of laser versus traditional lamp-based projectors, Cinionic refers to the suite of laser advantages as “360 degrees of laser benefits”, covering visual performance, moviegoer experience, operational excellence, and efficient sustainability. 


Key Benefits of Laser:


  1. Visual performance 

Did you know that 86 percent of moviegoers rank picture quality as the most important factor when deciding to see a film in a movie theater (ERM Research, 2019)? Cinionic Laser solutions are brighter, offer higher contrast and greater uniformity, eliminate lamp flicker, and can deliver a broader color spectrum. The result: audiences notice the difference. It’s the wow factor they crave, and that keeps them coming back.


  1. Moviegoer satisfaction

Laser offers proven benefits to enhance both visual performance and audience satisfaction. When audiences are presented with laser projection, they will see the difference. When they are educated about Laser Projection by Cinionic, they value the visible benefits it brings to the big screen.


  1. Operational excellence

Laser projection offers peace-of-mind for exhibitors with simpler operations thanks to the absence of lamp changes, flawless 2D-3D switching, reduced maintenance and training, and consistent DCI performance over time. 


  1. Sustainable efficiency

When a cinema chooses laser, it’s a choice to use fewer resources and to deliver an eco-friendly presentation. Laser is a less wasteful technology than lamps and offers savings on cinema construction with boothless options, lower HVAC consumption, the elimination of lamp expenditures, reduced electricity consumption, and optimized technology lifetime.


A laser solution for every screen

Cinionic is dedicated to cinema - working hand-in-hand with exhibitors to design and co-create the technical and commercial solutions that elevate the cinema experience today and tomorrow. Now offering the industry's most extensive laser solutions portfolio, cinemas worldwide benefit from award-winning and sustainable laser solutions for all screens, from boutique to giant. 

The Barco Series 4 Family 

The Barco Series 4 family, spanning 6,000 to more than 50,000 lumens, has been designed from the ground up with the needs of exhibition in mind. All members of the family, whether 2K or 4K, offer brilliant image quality, a sustainable and eco-friendly platform, and cutting-edge smart design for worry-free operation.

Brilliant images consistently delivered

Put your audience front and center for a consistently stunning visual experience with these Barco laser projectors. Sharp colors, high uniformity, and high contrast. It’s all there, ready for your audience to enjoy in every presentation, thanks to Barco AIM™.

Sustainable and eco-friendly projector platform

With Barco EcoPure™, Barco Series 4 combines an environmentally friendly design with an industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 11.5 lumens per watt. Series 4’s sleep mode consumes just three watts an hour, reducing your energy consumption. Washable and reusable, the projector’s filters can be easily replaced, and no tools are required.

Smart design for worry-free operation
With modular, field-swappable Barco Laser Plates™ and reusable spare parts across the entire Barco Series 4 family, operations, service, maintenance, and service have never been smarter. From installation, where many existing pedestals and lenses can be reused, to fully digital control, configuration, and diagnostics, Barco Series 4 makes it easy to look after your booth.

Offering patented innovation, consistently elevated presentations, laser-sharp images, and lower operating needs, Barco Series 4 is making cinema greener, more efficient, and future-ready to wow moviegoers for many years to come.  

Cinionic Laser Light Upgrade (LLU) 

Cinionic’s fully integrated Laser Light Upgrade solution transforms Barco Series 2 projectors into laser projectors. The unique upgrade solution also features a full projector warranty for up to five years, extending the projector’s life while delivering laser-quality. Cinionic’s Laser Light Upgrade allows theaters to easily upgrade their existing Series 2 cinema projectors to laser in less than one day. Cinemas today are already benefiting from Laser Light Upgrades with:

  • Efficiency: extend projector lifetime, use fewer resources & simplify operations

  • Quality: Elevate your cinema experience with laser-quality designed around your business needs

  • Sustainability: Cut costs by up to 70 percent and see significant environmental savings. See how much you can save with Cinionic’s estimated operational savings calculator.

Laser Light Upgrades are available for a range of C and B series Barco Series 2 projectors, with field upgrades available. It’s the Barco Series 2 projector you use today, with a new lease of life and all the power of Laser Projection by Cinionic.


Complete Cinema Solutions

Laser projection is changing cinema forever, and it’s only the start. Cinionic’s suite of commercial options, from as-a-Service programs to vendor-financing to managed servicesmedia servers & audio processorsexpert training, and premium with CGS, are all designed to ensure wow experiences with financial flexibility for complete peace-of-mind. 


The Cinionic team of cinema and solutions experts continues to develop new ways to excite moviegoers and support the cinema industry. To learn more about Cinionic, visit

For CES+ Consulting, Services and Equipment call 305.232.8182 or email us

About Cinionic  
Founded in 2018 as the Barco cinema joint venture, Cinionic unites global leaders committed to creating a new visual standard and moving the cinema industry forward. Cinionic’s future-ready enhanced services and technology solutions provide compelling cinema experiences. The company’s world-class technology portfolio includes award-winning laser projectors, HDR, integrated media servers, and premium cinema experiences, among other innovations.

With more than 100,000 projectors installed globally, Cinionic is trusted by more than 200 exhibitors to help capture audiences at multiple touchpoints in their cinema journey and keep them coming back for more. Today, more than half of the world’s movie theaters are illuminated by Cinionic. Cinionic has offices in Belgium, United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Australia. Visit and follow us on  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Facebook  or YouTube  for more information. 
Adam Cassels 28 September, 2022
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