Can Avatar Save 3D? We Have the Technology
26 October, 2022 by
Can Avatar Save 3D? We Have the Technology
Charlie Leib

Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. Why? Was it because it was in 3D? Sort of. 3D was nothing new in 2009, but Avatar sure made 3D look different. 3D was a thing in the 1950s, and it fizzled out. It came back for a bit in the 1980s, and it fizzled out again. Then 3D TVs were the next big thing in the early-mid 2000s, and that fizzled out. However, 3D content in theatres hasn’t completely disappeared.
Some of today’s movies are offered in both standard 2D as well as 3D formats, but rarely is there any hype for the 3D version. And there are reasons for that.

And now, Avatar: The Way of Water has come about and brought the 3D hype back all over again. Will is stick around this time? If the technology is there to really grab audiences and not just be a fly-by-night one-and-done feature, it most certainly will begin a whole new chapter in movie production, as well as how cinemas show it to audiences.

And by all early accounts from those that are lucky enough and “in the know” having seen early Avatar: The Way of Water trailers, the technology is certainly viable to draw more of Hollywood’s dollars toward high-end features in both the short and long term beyond just the Avatar franchise…with four planned sequels in the coming years.

According to Variety, “Expectations [for Avatar: The Way of Water] are going to be much higher than the usual $1 billion threshold most A-tier blockbusters chase, especially with the inevitable ticket price boost from 3D and premium screens around the world,” says Shawn Robbins, the chief analyst at Box Office Pro.

Avatar, and its sequels, were and will be made for 3D. Literally. Not 2D movies re-created in the production facility into 3D after the fact to make some extra money. It’s a whole new ballgame, and Hollywood is watching.

Are your theatres ready?

CES+ is your best partner to help revive your auditoriums by preparing them now for the forecasted increase in digital 3D viewership in the months and years to come so you can avoid the last minute rush to keep up with your competition for 3D audiences.

The PLF (Premium Large Format) concept and 3D capability can work hand-in-hand to better your theatre’s bottom line by bringing in customers looking for alternate viewing options, and CES+ offers our clients a host of packages and equipment services to screen Avatar: The Way of Water with the light and colors required for successful playback, as well as the audio that complements the accompanying video.

CES+ offers digital 3D consulting and design services, silver 3D screens, complete 3D systems, 3D glasses, premium sound equipment, and all installation and preventative maintenance services.

3D movies don’t simply utilize a “one-size-fits-all” solution. They are produced with incredibly specific requirements for playback, such as a certain amount of light on the screen (Foot Lamberts), and CES+ can help their customers’ meets and exceed all necessary specifications so moviegoers will have the ultimate experience in their cinemas.

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Can Avatar Save 3D? We Have the Technology
Charlie Leib 26 October, 2022
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