Tech Talk 2022 Far Exceeds Expectations
26 October, 2022 by
Tech Talk 2022 Far Exceeds Expectations
Soledad Rodriguez

The Prado Hotel, in Barranquilla, Colombia, was the venue for this year’s edition of Tech Talk organized by CES+, an event whose objective was to bring together all parts of the industry, creating a space for learning, reunion, exchange of thoughts, and enjoyment. The honorees are film technicians, those people who make it possible for the cinema to always work correctly.

The repercussion of Tech Talk 2022 has been incredible, we are very happy to be able to carry out this type of event. The technicians who are the heart of cinema deserve a privileged place and that is what we wanted to achieve. Without a doubt we are already thinking about next year and how to improve ourselves.

Henry Morales, CES+ Latam Sales Executive


On Monday, October 3, with a welcome cocktail in the beautiful hotel gardens, the first hug was given between some who had not seen each other for a long time, and for many, years had gone by since the last saw their industry friends and colleagues in person. The night was filled with anecdotes and presentations between technicians and manufacturers who came from countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, and even various cities within Colombia, all being a part of the kickoff for what would be an event highly valued by its attendees.

The courses and meetings were positive since we, the technicians, know first-hand what the manufacturers do, which is to assertively support the owners of the cinemas to buy what is most convenient for their theaters. I am very happy to see the manufacturers and give my counterparts a big hug.

Oscar Suarez (
Procinal Medellín)

Tuesday the 4th was the first day when the manufacturers were the protagonists and presented their new technologies, updates, and products. Opened by Alex Younger, CEO of CES+ and Henry Morales, Latam Sales Executive, they highlighted the great assistance of technicians from large cinemas and celebrated this face-to-face reunion after a long pause between events.

The presentations that day were as follows:

  • Cinionic - Ricardo Ferrari
  • Sharp/NEC - Jorge Dantas
  • Cielo - Rafael Garzón
  • UniqueX - Lucia Sosa Dalmaud
  • CES+ - Victor Reyes and Juan Brea
Many thanks to CES+ and its team for everything. I have had the pleasure of making new friends, greeting those I already knew and, above all, I have learned a lot and had a great time.

Gerard Sierra - Director SAS

The second day of presentations was the same as the first at the Hotel El Prado and included Pedro Maldonado, a Dolby technician, who gave a very interesting technical talk on servers and amplifiers.

Those who were in charge of the presentations on Wednesday were:

  • Harkness - Tony Dilley and Cody Polla
  • Dolby - Pedro Maldonado
  • Arts Alliance Media - Maria Sallenave
  • GDC - Levi Espittia
  • Christie - Iván Paramo y Diego López

Finally, the last day of technical talks was held in the rooms of Royal Film who were partners of CES + to make Tech Talk 2022 a success.

In its Viva Barranquilla rooms, the final talks were given that closed the event that promised to be a must for the industry every year.

Presentations on the last day were given by:

  • Severtson - Dan Maxwell
  • Dolby - Luciano Taffetani
  • Royal Films - Cristian Zota

In addition to the content and the educational part that is the main objective of Tech Talk, we were able to share many joyful moments. The group had dinner at La Matriarca, a typical restaurant in Barranquilla where you live and breathe the local culture, music, dance and joy in addition to the delicious food.

Being in Barranquilla, we could not stop experiencing the Chiva Rumbera, a bus where you listen to live music and dance while doing a tour through the most important points of the city.

A few intense days of learning and joy were experienced, while the technicians were able to connect with the manufacturers and with their peers, exchanging experiences and thoughts.

As an integration company, we are very pleased with Tech Talk 2022’s results, and we are already working on what is coming for 2023, seeking to exceed expectations again.

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Tech Talk 2022 Far Exceeds Expectations
Soledad Rodriguez 26 October, 2022
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