NOC: Network Operations Center

Our engineers and technicians are ready to service your needs. Our top priority is to ensure your screen never goes black. We aim to provide you with the best technical support through our service agreements for all cinema equipment (projection systems, audio systems, and/or central systems). We have our own NOC in order to provide our clients with best-in-class technical support by taking ownership of their technical problems.

Our 24/7 comprehensive superior service and support includes:

+  Monitoring and support center for 10,000 screens

+  Certified technicians for all brands

+  Manage warranty replacements and service

+  Remote diagnosis and spare parts ordering

+  Coordinating engineers and technicians’ on-site visits


Project Management 

Build your theaters with us. CES+ will accompany you on your cinema new-build or refurbishment projects from the earliest stages until its public opening. Maximize your return on investment with our CES+ streamlined process. We’ll help you with everything from theatrical design and sourcing to logistics and installation so that you can open new locations on time and on budget.


CES+ will allocate a project manager and dedicated teams for every distinct phase of your project. This way, any issue can be identified and resolved without any unnecessary downtime. The project manager undertakes a detailed site survey for every projection booth in order to adapt technical equipment orders, and is also in charge of ordering all equipment from our procurement department.

We can assist you with cinema design, layout and other technical drawings, equipment selection and installation and training to measure project management.

Pre-configuration and Installation service 

We make any new build project look easy with 10,000 Sq. Ft warehouse that can output 100 pre-configured systems per month all ready to plug & play on site. Expert Installation. Increase Reliability & Image/Sound Quality. Over time we have perfected in the way of providing solutions to our clients.

This has helped us provide a clean and fast installation with a 5-star rating service.


It’s time to save shows without your customers ever knowing something was wrong… all while saving you time, money, and stress. CES+ partner CIELO is a platform that combines smart alerts, 24/7 certified technicians, and hands-on customer service. Thus, you provide a seamless experience to your audience.

Reduce your support costs while achieving the highest levels of uptime.


We ensure that you will manage, monitor, and support your cinema equipment from the palm of your hand with CIELO Cinema.

+ Monitor all of your equipment from one platform

+ Manage real-time alerts from each auditorium

+ Assign alerts automatically for streamlined issue resolution

+ Remotely access your equipment with the click of a button

+ Safe and secure, cloud-based connection with no additional hardware

+ Compatible with all cinema equipment, including projectors, servers, and audio processors.

With CIELO, you can better understand what your equipment is telling you, all from a remote device such as your mobile phone, laptop, or handheld device while you are on the fly.

Content Management

  • Programming all content across your property

    +  Last minute content changes - not a problem

    +  Live Event Management

CES+ offers cinema exhibitors a comprehensive portfolio of services – hardware and software - to manage content in the most efficient manner possible: feature films, event cinema, trailers, KDMs, cinema advertising and digital signage. In addition to a large portfolio of content management solutions, we also provide content e-delivery services (satellite and broadband).

Special Events

Our vision is to be leaders in unique and holistic entertainment spaces and our mission is to create a wow-factor audio-visual experiences. That is why our commitment is to create seamless experiences for your project.


Maximize your return on investment with our CES+ streamlined process. We will help you with everything from theatrical design and sourcing to logistics and installation.

Strategic Sourcing of
Equipment + Consumables

Whether you’re updating your existing infrastructure or keeping your theater running, we can help you by providing multiple alternatives of the most innovative technology from the best brands in the industry at the best value.

Clients benefit from our organization supply chain, logistics, and attractive pricing for any purchase as our priority is to ensure clients’ screens always run and that moviegoers enjoy the best cinematic experience possible.

Let's project together!