Will “Projections” Be Brighter in 2022?
24 January, 2022 by
“Projections” Be Brighter in 2022?
Charlie Leib

2020 was a dud (thanks a lot, COVID!). 2021 made a BIG comeback. 2022? Well, the word from Gower Street Analytics* is projecting a big increase this year over last.

According to Deadspin, “Gower suggests the industry will need to wait at least until 2023 to see a full return to pre-pandemic global box office levels of over $40B. The domestic, Chinese and international markets are all poised for improvement in 2022. However, says Gower Street, the most notable gain is expected to be in North America. Currently projected to hit $9.2B in 2022, up from an estimated $4.4B in 2021, that would see it move back up to its pre-pandemic position as the No. 1 global box office market.”

Now is the time to make sure your theatre is in peak condition to handle what hopes to be a grand year for the box office. You don’t want current issues to linger and possibly get worse and cost you a bundle to fix later on, nor allow potential new problems to surface if you have the opportunity to rectify both situations sooner than later…or before they pop up.

This is what you and your cinema have to be ready for this year:

The technical team at CES+ is always here for you with recommendations, advice, and a personal plan for both troubleshooting those nasty little problems now, as well as aiming to negate problems before they have a chance to arise in the near future and throughout the year. We are here to provide you industry best film and cinema equipment, including projectors, lamps, screens, audio, and supplies, as well as leading cinema management solutions.

Stay tuned for more of our news to help keep your cinema always ready to project.
See you at the movies!

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*Gower Street Analytics is a growing startup doing data science in the movie business
“Projections” Be Brighter in 2022?
Charlie Leib 24 January, 2022
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