Vendor Profile: Christie Laser RGBe Projectors
28 June, 2022 by
Diego Fernando Lopez Cinema & Enterprise General Manager - NOLA & Andean Region

First at all, I would like to thank our business partner, CES+, for inviting me to share a little information about Christie and its solutions. We value our business relationship with CES+, with whom we have managed to implement successful projects in all Americas, with important exhibitors, throughout the region, from North America, Central America, and South America.

Even through the past two years have brought about great challenges for the industry, together with CES+ we have continued to support our clients in Colombia and Ecuador with the opening of new cinema auditoriums, and we continue to support all exhibitors in their reactivation process. We see the future with optimism, and we predict better days for everyone.

I will take a moment here to tell you a little more about our portfolio of RGBe projectors; The perfect solution for small VIP auditoriums.

RGBe is an RGB laser projector portfolio that combines the Christie Cinelife™ projector platform (based on the CP2308) with technology from a Chinese partner well-versed in RGB laser light sources. Thanks to the compact nature of the RGBe projectors make them perfect for use in small VIP auditoriums, post-production rooms, and small screen cinemas; with brightness options range from 6000 - 10,000 DCI lumens, suitable for 6 - 11-meter screens; including use in 3D applications.

Regarding the illumination technology used by the RGBe projectors, Christie RGBe series projectors apply RGB laser modules. The Christie engineering team worked hard to develop and improve the projector head. Improvements include cooling, air conduction, and better accuracy conduction of the laser light beam.

As many of you already knows, our CP2309-RGB projector fits the role of low-lumen Real|Laser™ projection in our portfolio. However, the RGBe projectors offer a reduced-cost solution with additional laser options for settings that require less brightness. Our RGBe series fill the gap in this low-lumens segment as a cost-effective product line to provide a solution to customers who are seeking low brightness RGB laser projector for their smaller screens.

So, how do our Christie Laser RGBe projectors differ from other Christie Real|Laser™ projectors and competitor projectors, and how does RGBe compare to laser phosphor? The main difference between Real|Laser™ and RGBe is that RGBe offers quality at a lower cost thanks to the combination of our CP2308 platform and a low-cost 3rd partner laser module, without sacrificing reliability and laudable performance. The benefits of RGBe includes reduced speckle (since it applies several times and spatial decoherence methods aside from multiple wavelength), lower entry cost and TCO, and more options for low-lumen projection. The benefits of Real|Laser™ are longer lifetime, larger color gamut coverage, and the implementation of the CineLife+™ + platform.  Compared to competitors, RGBe projectors are the most unique RGB laser projector models in the world with lower than 10,000 lm brightness.

With our RGBe series projector, users can enjoy the benefits of RGB laser technology such as brightness stability, better color, higher contrast, and higher efficiency (lm/w) than laser phosphor. RGBe projectors provide 2000:1 contrast ratio and greater than 90 percent Rec. 2020 color gamut with reduced visible speckle and price point, making them ideal for boutique cinema and other small-screen applications.

Christie remains committed to all our customers, exhibitors, and distributors, in delivering the more reliability and reduced cost portfolio of Laser RGB projectors.

By having such a close knit relationship with its vendors such as Christie and stocking their state-of-the-art products for quick delivery and installation, CES+ is able to work alongside exhibitors to evolve their technology and leverage the latest cinematic innovations to excite, entertain, and provide epic customer experiences on their timelines and on budget. 

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Diego Fernando Lopez Cinema & Enterprise General Manager - NOLA & Andean Region 28 June, 2022
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