The Successful Partnership Between CES+ and Procinal Cinemas
A Game-Changer in the Film Industry
28 August, 2023 by
The Successful Partnership Between CES+ and Procinal Cinemas
Soledad Rodriguez

In the competitive and ever-evolving realm of the film industry, where the lines between success and mediocrity often blur, a strategic partnership can be the critical difference between fleeting prominence and enduring preeminence. One such partnership, which has emerged as a paragon of synergy, innovation, and mutual growth, is the collaboration between CES+ and Procinal Cinemas.

The Origin Story

CES+, with its diverse offerings and deep industry knowledge, has made significant strides in the film industry. This firm, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and an incessant desire to push boundaries, has always kept cinema operators at the forefront of the cinematic experience. On the other hand, Procinal Cinemas, with its dedication to offer unparalleled movie experiences, saw in CES+ an ally who could further its mission. And as destiny would have it, the two companies came together, setting the stage for an alliance that would redefine cinematic experiences.

A Testimonial of Growth and Innovation

In an era where technology often outweighs the importance of personal touch, Mayungo emphasized the humanness of CES+, "Their personalized attention, human touch, and wide range of products have been our trusted companions for years."

Technical Excellence Meets Creative Genius

But what does this partnership mean in tangible terms for the average cinema-goer? For starters, CES+’s innovative solutions have significantly enhanced the quality of Procinal's screenings. The technical advancements have cranked up the vibrancy, sharpness, and clarity of each frame, ensuring that audiences can get lost in the world of the movies. On the auditory front, the sound systems integrated have been nothing short of revolutionary, giving viewers an immersive, multi-dimensional aural experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

CES+'s vast regional experience also provided Procinal with insights, strategies, and tools to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of the film industry in different locales.

The Path Forward

The gratitude and admiration are mutual. The team at CES+ conveyed, "Thank you Juan Carlos and all the Cinemas Procinal team for choosing us! It's our pleasure to work with you, for many more years to come 🙌."

A quick peek at Procinal's LinkedIn profile reveals the incredible growth trajectory the cinema chain has experienced, and the behind-the-scenes support of CES+ cannot be overlooked. As Procinal continues to expand its footprint, CES+ remains its steadfast partner, ensuring that each new theater lives up to the high standards the duo has set.

Endorsing the Ultimate Ally

When a CEO as influential as Juan Carlos Mayungo endorses CES+ as "the ultimate ally in the film industry," it's not merely a testament to the partnership's success but a beacon for other cinema operators searching for partners to elevate their game.

The collaboration between CES+ and Procinal Cinemas serves as a compelling case study of how two organizations, driven by a shared vision and commitment to excellence, can come together to rewrite the rules of an industry. The advancements in cinematic technology and the personalized touch CES+ offers have ensured Procinal Cinemas' audience gets nothing short of the best. As this partnership continues to flourish, movie-goers can look forward to even more groundbreaking innovations and experiences that transport them to new worlds, one film at a time.

The Successful Partnership Between CES+ and Procinal Cinemas
Soledad Rodriguez 28 August, 2023
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