Dive Into Sound Reimagined With Dolby ATMOS
27 July, 2022 by
Luciano Taffetani

This article was provided by Luciano Taffetani, Senior Sales Manager, Cinema, Latin America. Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Dolby Atmos is the result of many tests and developments, under the belief that cinema sound needed to change and evolve to meet the needs of filmmakers and storytellers. Science and technology, were always part of Dolby’s DNA, providing new resources and pushing technology limits to a more realistic experience.

Having succeeded in making 7.1 sound a premium experience standard worldwide, it was proposed to go further, but no more sound channels were added, because the studio feedback advised that the result wasn’t good enough. It required special attention generating some confusions and offered no concrete advantages for production and playback.

Dolby began working on the basis of the limitations of a movie theater sound. What was missing to reproduce the sound behavior of the objects in real life? We needed to add another dimension, to emulate sound in space with its dynamics. That was the initial kick off, which opened Pandora's box, which proposed beyond the technological limitations, a new creative horizon that managed to transport the viewer beyond the images on the movie screen.

That proposition, first launched in 2012 with the movie “Brave” from Pixar, and it was called Dolby Atmos.

What was so special about it?  It managed to give freedom to the sounds inside a room, which offered a new form of expression for artists and creators, while offering a very valuable experience to the spectator, where sound immersion was achieved, just as it happens in real life. Dolby Atmos brought the concept of spatiality, locating objects in specific points of the room, feeling the dynamic movements of with unparalleled clarity and depth, a naturalness never before experienced, the sound of cinema was radically revolutionized. 

It must also be said that it was not easy to implement, the cost of equipment and installation of a Dolby Atmos room, was significantly higher for the exhibitors at that time, and the studios wanted to have theaters with the format before preparing and making the content available. But it was thanks to main partners, big enthusiasts for the industry, and thanks to the emotions and reactions of many spectators, that we were able to move the wheel, and 10 years later, Dolby Atmos was enshrined as the king of immersive sound.

Today there are more than 7,000 Dolby Atmos cinema screens worldwide, more than 2300 films, more than 250 mixing stages, and more than 75 full complexes using the format.

Dolby Atmos has made immersive sound possible, and at the same time has created a new paradigm which has undoubtedly changed the rules of the game.

Why to invest in Dolby Atmos? 

As premium experiences became more standardized, exhibitors began to invest in large auditoriums with immersive sound systems, what we call now Premium Large Format (PLF) rooms. 

Dolby has been deploying Dolby Atmos solutions worldwide with very clear technical specifications and criteria, we incorporated a quality process to make sure that the experience the filmmakers decided on in the studio will be reproduced. We’ve provided tools to cover the entire ecosystem, we made multiple trainings, and that is very much appreciated, and that’s why we’re closely working with the major studios, granting Dolby Atmos movies every week.

Dolby, in an effort to facilitate Atmos installations, created a digital multiamplifier with up to 32 channels - something that might have seemed impossible in the past - to minimize investment and to save a lot of money on power, space, and cooling. It then began manufacturing low-distortion speakers for cinemas with unique designs that helped meet Atmos specifications in the field with excellent unique performance.

Today Dolby offers auditorium packages, with everything you need to make sound the protagonist of the movie theater.

Speaking about new trends, it is very important to keep in mind that after the global health crisis, the behavior of the public has been quite particular. This new spectator values much more each entertainment occasion and cares about making it a memorable experience, less concerned about paying the for the lowest admission feeSDFS. 

MCX Auditorium - Multicines Ecuador


Investments in Dolby Atmos systems, unlike other equipment investments, allow us to capitalize on audience interest in this exciting audio format, generating extra earnings that will help improve revenues and, at the same time, expand and enhance the cinema chain and its value.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the focus of music in theaters, live concerts and today’s broadcasting are making theaters fantastic venues to listen and enjoy entertainment in the best way possible. The Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas, is the only venue in the world with a fully integrated Dolby Atmos playback system. Designed by our engineers. Dolby Live offers a variety of events including special music performances, all in Dolby Atmos, and that’s just the beginning of what’s to come.

If a person has not yet heard it, they will not perceive a simple sound improvement, they will discover a new way to experience a movie and even the music. Dolby Atmos has changed the storytelling and the moviegoing experience for ever.

CES+ will consult, calculate, design, sell, install, configure and get Dolby’s approval and even perform the commissioning for any auditorium you need to convert or build.

Today’s and tomorrow’s most crucial box office releases will be ATMOS-ready, and CES+ can prepare your auditoriums with affordable pricing and a number of design options specific to each theatre’s needs.

Luciano Taffetani 27 July, 2022
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