Christie is Introducing Washable Projector Filters!
27 February, 2023 by
Christie is Introducing Washable Projector Filters!

With the new Christie ® washable filters, you no longer need new filters every time they get dirty…you can simply wash them! Christie continues to deliver on the promise of a brighter and more environmentally conscious future for cinema, now with less waste and fewer consumables.

They are part of Christie’s effort to bring the most environmentally friendly projectors to the market, and CES+ is proud to make them available to our customers.

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Christie Technical Bulletin

Filter washing instructions This bulletin provides information on how to wash the foam and pleated filters. Follow the preventative maintenance schedule for the appropriate filter product for information on how often the filter should be washed or replaced. Affected products The following products are affected: 

• CP2309-RGB • CP4415-RGB • CP4435-RGB • CP2315-RGB • CP4420-RGB • CP4440-RGB • CP2320-RGB • CP4420-Xe • CP4445-RGB • CP2415-RGB • CP4425-RGB • CP4450-RGB • CP2420-RGB • CP4430-RGB • CP4455-RGB • CP2420-Xe

Affected components

The following components are affected.