CES+ Was One of The Main Participants at 2022 ShowEast Event
26 October, 2022 by
CES+ Was One of The Main Participants at 2022 ShowEast Event
Soledad Rodriguez

ShowEast continues to bring the cinema industry together from across the country with one goal in mind…to create the best movie experience possible. Dubbed “The film convention”, ShowEast features a range of exclusive product presentations and screenings from both independent and major Hollywood studios.

Powerhouse seminars offer valuable insight from top executives on the latest industry trends and concerns. The expo experience offers delegates a glance at the latest and best technologies, entertainment, services, comforts, and conveniences to make their theaters must-attend destinations.

ShowEast's international content draws a large contingency of Latin American delegates…more than any other convention of its kind.

ShowEast 2022 was held in Miami, Florida, the hometown of CES+, which allowed us to be a protagonists, with a booth that offered prizes and fun and a complete team that included sales, operations, accounting, finance, procurement, and marketing. Such a large contingent allowed the CES+ crew to be the largest at the show and to be able to attend many various meetings.

“I am happy that CES+ continues to be well represented at ShowEast. We had the opportunity to meet clients and partners which we always value and take advantage of. Great things are yet to come which we are very excited about.”

Alex Younger, CES+ CEO

CES+ is always team-focused because why know that "It takes team work to make a dream work." (DEV PATEL - Sonny Kapoor). That is why we brought together all the people who make CES+ a family, including those based in various countries such as Argentina, Spain, Honduras, and the USA, so that in one way or another they would be part of and play a major role for CES+ at ShowEast.

For CES+, it was a great event. Having the opportunity to be face-to-face with manufacturers and customers is always positive. Strengthening links and being at the forefront of what is happening in the industry is part of the CES+ philosophy.

Being the last tradeshow of the year, the balance is excellent and great things are undoubtedly expected for 2023.

CES+ Was One of The Main Participants at 2022 ShowEast Event
Soledad Rodriguez 26 October, 2022
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