CES+ recommendations for Holidays movie season
10 December, 2021 by
CES+ recommendations for Holidays movie season
Charlie Leib

Is your cinema ready for the Holidays season?

Juan Brea, our Cinema Services Engineer who has been part of the CES+ team for more than 30 years, listed some recommendations for the Cinema Exhibitors.

In preparation for the huge box office, Spiderman, which will be released on Dec 17 Juan Brea recommends some actions to be taken to avoid as much as possible issues during the Spiderman and other releases exhibition.


-       Check the installed xenon lamps and their expiration date

-       Check the status of the dust filters

-       Clean the optics

-       Check batteries performance on ICP, TPC, etc

-       Re-calibrate light intensity and colors

-       Check the status of the exhaust fans and measure the CFM

-       Set the firmware/software versions up to date


-       Check the status of the Hard Drives

-       Check for batteries performance

-       Clean the servers

-       Delete the not needed content to increase the server capacity

-       Upgrade versions of software/firmware

-       Check the HDMI ports by running alternative content 


-       Run pink noise and sweep tones to check the status of the speakers

-       Re-equalize the auditoriums when possible 


-       Check if the automation cues are working


-       Check content ingesting

-       Check content transferring

-       Check licenses expiration dates

-       Check Show playlists creation

-       Check scheduling functionality

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CES+ recommendations for Holidays movie season
Charlie Leib 10 December, 2021
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