CES+ Film Booking Service Features
28 September, 2022 by
CES+ Film Booking Service Features
Soledad Rodriguez

CES+’s Film Booking Service allows the client to delegate work to the CES+ Technical Support Team, such as scheduling, tracking, ingesting, and transferring all the movie, advertisement, and trailer content. Likewise, the lists of the shows can be managed in a uniform and standardized way throughout all of the cinema chain’s complexes.

This allows the customer to plan and automate all the shows in all the rooms of a complex throughout the week.

The only requirements by the client to handle the booking by CES+ include:

  • Confirm any content that is not sent by satellite

  • Connect the device (USB or DCP) with local advertising content that is not sent by satellite

  • Select the content, the room, and the time you want to put a show on the POS.

Some of the processes included in the Film Booking Services include:

  • Confirm availability of content on the satellite at the time of receiving the publication letter from the provider

  • Tracking of the DCP in case the content has been sent on a device (physically) and ensure that it is ingested so that it is available on time for scheduled events

  • Content intake into the TMS library

  • Films

  • Trailers

  • Advertising

  • Map the content (movies) to the corresponding SPLs

  • Creation of templates for shows when required

  • Assign templates corresponding to SPLs for events with special requirements

  • Confirm and determine the type of content required for special events (HDMI, library content, external device or live feed)

  • Transfer of content to servers in each room

  • Storage management of both the TMS and the room servers (cleaning and maintenance)

  • Create SPLs for clients that do not use default templates

  • Creation and adjustment of trailer kites according to customer requirements

  • Assign the trailer packs to the SPLs according to the audience type assignment (R, PG13, NR, PG, or G)

  • Create rules for SPL pre-shows

  • Creation and configuration of macros for automation devices

  • Monitoring of TMS services so that it remains operating optimally (services, transfers, and FTP connections)

  • Update of TMS software versions (Rosetta Bridge, Cinema ACE, GDC TMS, Arts Alliance, TCC)

  • Updating the software versions of the auxiliary equipment (Kramers) for special events

  • Monitoring the shows scheduled in the TMS so that they are free of errors

  • Management and control (remote) of special events (microphones, volume, lights, image adjustment, activation of external devices such as laptops, DVDs, and Blurays)

  • Enabling microphones and adjustment of volume levels during special events

  • Management and operation of lights in the rooms during special events

CES+ Film Booking Service Features
Soledad Rodriguez 28 September, 2022
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