An Atypical (Promising) April
30 March, 2023 by
An Atypical (Promising) April
Soledad Rodriguez

Amidst an incredibly thrilling April, let's explore the most captivating and sizable movies that are set to hit theaters. 

Traditionally, April is a calm month for movie releases, with the major award ceremonies having already passed and the industry turning its focus towards the summer months in anticipation of the year's biggest blockbusters. Nevertheless, April 2023 presents a different scenario, with a release schedule that boasts a plethora of highly-anticipated films from beginning to end. With an exciting month ahead, let's delve into the outstanding films that will be distributed in theaters.

Movies Coming to Theaters in April 2023

        1. Air – (April 5)

        Air follows Nike’s creators Phil Knight and Sonny Vaccaro’s attempts at procuring the promising talent of a young Michael Jordan in the 1980s. They hope to lure him in with the concept of corporate synergy, revolutionizing sport, culture, and fashion with the inception of the Air Jordan.

        2. Paint – (April 7)
        Owen Wilson sports a '70s-style perm in the whimsical comedy Paint, based very loosely on the life of the renowned TV painter, Bob Ross. Carl Nargle, a revered and beloved member of the local community, lands his own art show at the regional television station, and as such, grabs the affections of many women. Soon, his status as an artist and public figure comes under threat.