Volfoni SmartCrystal NEO The SmartCrystal NEO (18% LEF)

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    The SmartCrystal™ Cinema Neo is Volfoni’s latest innovation in passive 3D technology. The SmartCrystal™ Cinema polarization window is placed directly in front of a 3D cinema projector lens, there by generating stereoscopic 3D images on suitable screens when viewed with passive 3D glasses.This passive polarization system is perfect for any movie theater with DCI-compliant DLP projectors, and permits a quick installation in any projection booth with its optimal support brackets.The SmartCrystal™ Cinema panel is made of a multi-layer stack of liquid crystal elements.This enables high frame rates of up to 240Hz, creating crisp and bright 3D images.The SmartCrystal™ Cinema Neo can be connected directly to any suitable 3D synchronization source and operates with cinema projectors up to 7kW.