CES+ and Cinema Procinal Medellin Announce New Drive-In Theater Project

With the closure of theaters across Colombia due to COVID restrictions, the two companies are collaborating to launch a safe and viable alternative with a drive-in movie theater.

Miami, Florida—Jul 15, 2020

CES+ is pleased to announce that it helped and collaborated with Cinema Procinal Medellin to create a drive-in movie theater in Medellin, Colombia.
Based in Miami, Florida, CES+ works with movie theaters all over the world, offering a wide range of products and services that help improve customers’ movie-going experiences. CES+ is also the go-to partner of choice for drive-ins in both Latin America and the USA.
The development of a drive-in theater in Medellin will come as good news to residents of that country, since theaters everywhere have been mandated to close down due to the pandemic. In a time when social distancing is required and there are few opportunities for entertainment for the general public, the drive-in theater represents the safest way to enjoy a movie with the family.

“We’re delighted to make the announcement about our partnership with Cinema Procinal Medellin,” says CES+ spokesperson Henry Morales. “It’s the ideal solution. A drive-in will give cinema lovers an opportunity to enjoy the theater experience safely with social distancing in place. We’re sure it will be hugely popular with local residents.” Morales notes that the two companies have worked together to develop a beautiful theater on the parking lot of the Mayorca Mega Plaza mall in Medellin. The drive-in boasts a Christie projector, and the highest quality standards in image and sound add to the overall experience. Cinemas Procinal has also developed a high standard Biosecurity process to take care of their patrons, employees and local community.

Cinemas Procinal is proud to be the first exhibitor in Colombia to undertake a project of this magnitude.

Published at: https://www.dcinematoday.com/dc/pr?newsID=5686